Accounting and Tax Services

We provide comprehensive and customized services to companies and professional seeking to outsource their administrative management.

Accounting Services:
  1. Definition of Specific Accountancy Plans.
  2. Generating posting lines in the account master record.
  3. Legalization of the compulsory books and entries.
  4. Preparation and submission of Annual Accounts.

Tax Services :
  1. Transactions tax planning.
  2. Submission of taxes on income and on capital (VAT, IRPF).
  3. Corporate taxation rates.
  4. Annual return on transactions with third parties.
  5. Tax refunds, tax base deductions and pleadings before the Spanish Tax Agency.
  6. Support, representation and defence before the Tax Inspection authorities.
  7. Claims support and representation before Economic Courts and litigation.
  8. Optimization of the generational transfer at family-owned companies.
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